Portugal Defeat France to Win Euro 2016 Championship

Portugal Defeat France to Win Euro 2016 Championship

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There was a war between several matches; Portugal had entered into Euro 2016 final against France. The way they travelled is not an easy one to reach the finals. However, they have spent their biggest moment of their international career in their soccer career. On Sunday, they have met their most awaiting moment to play final against France. Hence, the Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo was failed to play much time in that match, because of sore left knee injury. Nearly 2 hours earlier, he was injured and there was nothing to do in the final match of Euro 2016 pace over like a manager wearing shorts. Once he get injured, the total team and his fans are feel like “we lost our man”, because he is the man, who could boost his team at any moment. Hence, let’s see the detailed information about this in detail.

Portugal road to finals    

Portugal has entered into semifinal against Wales with a 2-0 win; even they have been the third position of the group table. They barely dominated a single game, and the final was not varied. But they were trouble to play against around and became very critical to succeed in the knockout stages. Finally, they need to face France and let them play, enough as they did for the remaining matches, and there is an effective lesson to be learned there for the wishes of England. Finally, Portugal are the present Euro champion even without the presence of CR7, but they have managed this success without Ronaldo and they had Jose Fonte and Pepe to thank at the back and also Wiliam Carvalho, who are the two great sup[porters for securing the back four.

How did Portugal conclude without CR7

Portugal’s backbone and captain Cristiano Ronaldo had left the pitch with tears after few minutes, when the match was started. But, even without the presence of CR7, they actually perform well in the short term. There appeared to be an urgent awareness, which is a unbelievable acceptance, that the team would have the club together to receive something from this game against a superior team members. But there was a great loss for Portugal, as a focal point at the tip of their attack and at certain stage, his great guidance, when balls went into the box. The nearest they came to a goal from a Nani’s cross that nearly saved by Hugo Loris. In the place of Ronaldo, Nani had taken position and guide his team in a great way. Even he try to guide his team, he will not come to place of Ronaldo.

Who is Man of the match  

A great match held on Sunday night, the players from both the team have been played well. But, in that some players will be too good, so they have be picked up for man of the man in all games. Here, in this match, a player was run closely by an outstanding performance from a great defender Pepe (Portugal), but Sissoko’s (France) purposeful and powerful speed running caused Portugal several problems. He beat an opponent on his 7 matches; all will be happen against Portugal players. With his powerful running ability, he had 3 shots on target. It was tremendously futile, and he was introverted after France went behind in additional time, but it was showoffs that closely dragged the France to win the title and should have had Newcastle fans are charming, where this player was for the several seasons. Apart from these misconceptions, finally Portugal is the present Euro 2016 champions with the captaincy of Cristiano Ronaldo.